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Your loyalty rewards program at hand


Our clients matter, and that is why we have created the

most seamless and easy app for your Shopify store. We

offer a free plan (up to 100 orders per month) personalized

experience including:

Your loyalty rewards program at hand


When you reward your customer by shopping at your store, you establish connections and enhance brand engagement. A loyalty points program is a great way of building customer relationships and providing personalized user experiences.

Reward customers with points for activities including purchases and more. Customers can accumulate points and redeem them for prizes to use at your store, promoting longterm loyalty and incentivizing purchases.

This rewards program is a handy solution to increase your average ticket, and create a loyalty ecosystem that will increase customer loyalty, drive revenue from

existing users, as well as increase overall company growth. Facts

say repeat customers spend x3 times more per transaction than

first time users, therefore leaving a great opportunity to reward

these and give them reasons to return.

Design customizations to

make it fit your brand

Tailor made points store and

accumulation types

Unlimited rewards

Add e-commerce loyalty to your store in minutes.


Striving for more

Our development team is constantly working to bring new features and offer what our customers need to make their business and e-commerce strive. Our retention and loyalty strategies have been employed in designing a robust rewards toolkit that enables any Shopify user to easily build a loyalty points program.